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Look, without our stories, without the true nature and reality of who we are as People of Color, nothing about fanboy or fangirl culture would make sense. What I mean by that is: if it wasn’t for race, X-Men doesn’t sense. If it wasn’t for the history of breeding human beings in the New World through chattel slavery, Dune doesn’t make sense. If it wasn’t for the history of colonialism and imperialism, Star Wars doesn’t make sense. If it wasn’t for the extermination of so many Indigenous First Nations, most of what we call science fiction’s contact stories doesn’t make sense. Without us as the secret sauce, none of this works, and it is about time that we understood that we are the Force that holds the Star Wars universe together. We’re the Prime Directive that makes Star Trek possible, yeah. In the Green Lantern Corps, we are the oath. We are all of these things—erased, and yet without us—we are essential.

Junot Díaz, “The Junot Díaz Episode" (18 November 2013) on Fan Bros, a podcast “for geek culture via people of colors” (via kynodontas)

Junot Diaz stay not fucking up. This is a really good interview.

(via commanderbishoujo)

Urban Dictionary: Halfoween


Halfoween falls on May 1st of each year. Its first year of celebration with be in 2010. Halfoween originates from people being fed up with the fact that we only dress up for Halloween once a year - it’s too much fun and should be celebrated more frequently!

Thus, Halfoween was born. Halfoween consists of all the relevant traditions from Halloween - trick-or-treating, dressing up in costumes, teenagers attending drunken house parties, vampires and zombies roaming the streets, etc.

The name is perfect, the timing is perfect - May 1st - HALFWAY (half a year!) from one Halloween to the next. University/college students will be out of school, the weather will be warm, and furthermore, May 1st falls on a Saturday in 2010!

Spread the word, make Halfoween 2010 an internationally celebrated event!

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